College of Arts and Sciences

Cultural Diversity Requirement

NOTE: Some courses that satisfy the UGA Cultural Diversity requirement do not satisfy the Franklin College Multicultural requirement.
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Group A - These courses have a significant focus on African American, Asian American, Hispanic American or Native American cultures.

Courses from this group ALSO satisfy the Franklin College’s Multicultural requirement.
AFAM 2000Introduction to African American Studies
AFAM(PSYC) 3150Introduction to Black Psychology
AFAM 3880African American Folklore
AFAM 4250African American Seminar
AFAM(DRAM) 4490/6490African American Women in Cinema: Image and Aesthetics
AFAM(PSYC) 4500/6500Psychology of Prejudice
ANTH(NAMS) 3410Contemporary Native America
ANTH(NAMS) 3410HContemporary Native America (Honors)
ANTH 3540Multicultural Health Care
ANTH(NAMS) 4020/6020Indians of North America
ANTH(HIST)(NAMS) 4470/6470The Rise and Fall of the Southeastern Chiefdoms
ANTH(HIST) 4480/6480The Indians of the Old South
ARED 3070Visual Culture, Diversity, and Pedagogy
ARED 5310/7310 Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Study in Art Education
ARHI 3041Introduction to African American Art
ARTS 2050Cultural Diversity in American Art
CMLT 2400Asian-American Literature
CMLT 2410HAsian-American Literature (Honors)
CMLT 2500Comparative Ethnic American Literatures
CMLT(AFAM) 2600Multicultural Black Diaspora Literature
CMLT 2610HMulticultural Black Diaspora Literature (Honors)
CMLT(SWAH)(AFST)(ANTH) 3001Culture and Identity Linkages of the Swahili with the Outside World I
CMLT(SWAH)(AFST)(ANTH) 3020Culture and Identity Linkages of the Swahili with the Outside World II
CMLT(AFAM)(AFST)(GEOG)(LACS) 4260/6260The Black and Green Atlantic: Crosscurrents of the African and Irish Diasporas
COMM 1800Cultural Diversity in Communication
COMM(AFAM) 3820Interracial Communication
COMM 4800Intercultural Communication
COMM(AFAM) 4830/6830African American Relational Communication
COMM(AFAM) 4840/6840African American Family Communication
ECHD(LACS) 4660/6660U.S. Latino/a Mental Health: An Introduction
ENGL 1060HComposition and Multiculutral Literature (Honors)
ENGL 1103Multicultural English Composition
ENGL 2390HMulticultural Literature in America (Honors)
ENGL 2400Multicultural Literature in America
ENGL(AFAM) 3230Development of African American Literature
ENGL(LING)(AFAM) 4040Language Use in the African American Community
ENGL(AFAM) 4620African American Poetry
ENGL(AFAM) 4630African American Fiction
ENGL 4860Multicultural Topics in American Literature
ENGL(AFAM) 4880Topics in African American Literature
ENGL(AFAM) 4884Contemporary African American Writing
ETAP(AFAM) 4515 History of African American Education
FILM(AFAM) 2130American Ethnic Cinema
GEOG 1103Cultural Geography of the United States
GEOG 2130HCultural Geography of the United States (Honors)
HIST 2040Latinos/Latinas in the United States
HIST 2051Multiculturalism in Early America
HIST(AFST) 2052Multiculturalism in Modern America
HIST 3050American Indian History to 1840
HIST 3051American Indian History Since 1840
HIST(AFAM) 3101The Early African American Experience
HIST(AFAM) 3102Modern African American Experience
HIST(AFAM) 4055/6055Historical Survey of African American Thought
HIST 4110/6110Multicultural Georgia
HIST 4110HMulticultural Georgia (Honors)
HIST 4120/6120The Civil Rights Movement
HIST 4130H American Slavery in Fact, Fiction, and Film (Honors)
LACS 2010Multidisciplinary Latino/a Studies
LACS 2040Multidisciplinary Mexican Studies: A Transnational Perspective
LACS 2040IMultidisciplinary Mexican Studies: A Transnational Perspective
MUSI 2040History of Popular Music
MUSI 2050Survey of Jazz History
MUSI 2060History and Analysis of Rock Music
MUSI(AFST)(AFAM) 2080African American Music
MUSI(AFAM) 2960African American Percussive Music: From Africa to the Americas
MUSI 2300 Music in Athens
MUSI 2300H Music in Athens (Honors)
POLS 4560 African American Politics
PSYC(AFAM) 2150Understanding Cultural Diversity
RELI(NAMS) 1100Introduction to Native American Studies
RELI(NAMS) 2004Introduction to Religion in Native American Cultures
RELI(NAMS) 2004HIntroduction to Religion in Native American Cultures (Honors)
RELI(AFAM) 2005African American Religions: An Introduction
RELI(ANTH)(NAMS) 3901Methods in the Study of Native American Culture
RELI(AFAM) 4201/6201African American Religious History
RELI(AFAM) 4202/6202 Southern Religious History
RELI(AFAM) 4203/6203The Bible in the Black Church
ROML 2550Latino Literature, Language, and Culture
SOCI(AFAM) 2020African American Society
SOCI(AFAM) 2820Race and Ethnicity in America
SOCI(AFAM) 3310 Race and Culture
SOCI 3340Social Psychology of Race, Racism, and Discrimination
SOCI(AFAM) 4370Seminar in Race and Ethnicity
SPAN 2550Latino Literature, Language, and Culture
SPCM(AFAM) 2810Communication in African American Communities
SPCM(AFAM) 4810African American Rhetoric and Communication
THEA 2110Voices of Diversity in American Drama and Theater
THEA(AFAM) 4480/6480History of African American Drama and Theatre
WMST 1110Multicultural Perspectives on Women in the United States
WMST 1110HMulticultural Perspectives on Women in the United States (Honors)
WMST 3110 Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality
WMST(AFAM) 4060/6060 Black Feminism
WMST 4070/6070North American Asian Feminisms
Group B - These courses have a significant focus on the issues of race, religion, ethnicity, gender and class within a global context.

Courses from this group DO NOT satisfy the Franklin College’s Multicultural requirement.
AFAM(ROML) 4860/6860Topics in Afro-Hispanic Identity
AFST(ANTH)(CMLT)(GEOG)(SOCI)(RELI) 2100Introduction to Africa
ANTH 1102Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 2120H Introduction to Anthropology (Honors)
ANTH(LING) 3080 Anthropology of Language
ANTH 3100 Peoples of the World
ANTH 3250 Old World Archaeology
ANTH(NAMS)(LACS) 3430 Indians of Mexico and Central America
ANTH(AFST) 3460 Africa: Peoples and Institutions
ANTH 4050/6050 Rethinking Humanity: A History of Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 4070/6070 Cultural Ecology
ANTH(NAMS)(LACS) 4460/6460 The Aztecs and the Maya
CMLT 2111 World Literature from Ancient Times to the Early Modern Period
CMLT 2212 World Literature from the Early Modern Period to the Present
CMLT 2270H World Literature from Antiquity to the Seventeenth Century (Honors)
CMLT 2280H World Literature from Seventeenth Century to the Present (Honors)
CMLT 3110 Literature of the Self
CMLT 3140 Women Writers of the East and West
CMLT(AFST) 3150 Introduction to Modern African Literature
CMLT(AFST) 3151 Introduction to Modern African Drama
CMLT 3160 Myth and Oral Tradition
CMLT(ANTH) 3180 Introduction to East Asian Cultures
CMLT(ANTH) 3190 Myth in Culture
CMLT 3200 Contemporary World Literature
CMLT 3210 Ecocriticism
CMLT 3250 Children's Literature
CMLT 4050/6050 Literature and the Natural Environment
CMLT 4090/6090 Rethinking Poetry in the Modern World
CMLT 4150/6150 Global Encounters through Fiction
CMLT 4220/6220 East Asian Cinema
CMLT 4250/6250 Folk Art and Political Theater: World Drama
CMLT 4300/6300 Modernism and Postmodernism
CMLT 4600/6600 Survey of East Asian Literature I
CMLT 4610/6610 Survey of East Asian Literature II
CMLT 4620/6620 East Asian Novel
CMLT(AFST) 4880/6880 The Origins of African Literature
CMLT(AFST) 4890/6890 Postcolonial African Literature
ENGL(HIST) 3100 Introduction to British Culture I
ENGL 3880S The Modern Civil Rights Movement in Literature and Culture
ENGL(CMLT) 8850 Seminar in Criticism and Theory
FREN 4050 French Literature and Culture to 1700
FREN 4060 French Literature and Culture 1700-1900
FREN 4070 French and Francophone Literature and Culture Since 1900
FREN 4080 Studies in French Literature and Culture
FREN 4120/6120 Topics in French Culture, Language, and Literature
GEOG 1101 Human Geography: People, Places, and Cultures
HIST(LACS) 2221 Latin American Civilization to 1800
HIST(LACS) 2222 Latin American Civilization Since 1800
HIST(AFST) 2501 Introduction to African History to 1800
HIST(AFST) 2502 Survey of African History Since 1800
HIST 2701 World Civilizations I
HIST 2702 World Civilizations II
HIST 2702H World Civilizations II (Honors)
HIST 3056H Multicultural America (Honors)
HIST(LACS) 3220 History of Mexico
HIST(LACS) 3230 History of Brazil
HIST 3240 The Caribbean Area
HIST 3322 Wenches, Witches, Damsels and Nuns: Women in Medieval Europe
HIST 3323 History of Women in Early Modern Europe
HIST 3324 History of Women in Modern Europe
HIST 3330 The Middle Ages
HIST(AFST) 3500 Seventeenth Through Nineteenth-Century Southern Africa
HIST(AFST) 3511 East Africa to the Nineteenth Century
HIST(AFST) 3512 East Africa in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
HIST(AFST) 3530 Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
HIST 3562 The Middle East from 1453 to 1918
HIST 3564 The Middle East Since 1914
HIST 3570H Religion, Nationalism, and Revolution in the Middle East, 1900 to the Present (Honors)
HIST 3580 Egypt: Mother of Civilization
HIST 3601 Premodern Japan: Foundations of Culture and State
HIST 3602 Modern Japan: From Shogun to Superpower
HIST 3661 History of China I: Origins and Foundations
HIST 3662 History of China II: Modernities and Transformations
HIST 3663 History of China III: Revolutions and Identities
HIST 3670H Introduction to Chinese Civilization (Honors)
HIST 3680H Communist China (Honors)
HIST 3720H Seminar in Comparative History (Honors)
HIST 3751 War and Society to 1600
HIST 3752 War and Society Since 1500
HIST(LACS) 4200/6200 Studies in Latin American History
HIST 4220/6220 The United States and Latin America
HIST 4400/6400 The Age of World Wars I and II
HIST 4413/6413 Race, Nation, and Empire in the Former Soviet Union
HIST 4420/6420 Holocausts in History
HIST(AFST) 4500/6500 Studies in African History
HIST 4530/6530 The History of Orientalism
HIST(AFST) 4540/6540 Conflict in Twentieth-Century Southern Africa
HIST(AFST) 4550/6550 Christianity and Colonialism in Africa
HIST 4600/6600 Studies in Asian History
HIST 4700/6700 Themes in Comparative History
ITAL 2500 Italian Culture
ITAL 4040/6040 Italian Cinema
LACS 1000 Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean
LACS 2020 Multidisciplinary Caribbean Studies
LACS 2030 Multidisciplinary Brazilian Studies
LACS 2030I Multidisciplinary Brazilian Studies
LING(CMLT) 4870/6870 Language, Gender, and Culture
PORT 4010/6010 Advanced Language, Literature, and Culture of the Portuguese-Speaking World
PORT 4050/6050 Prose of the Portuguese-Speaking World
PORT 4060/6060 Poetry of the Portuguese-Speaking World
PORT 4070/6070 Theater of the Portuguese-Speaking World
PORT 4080/6080 Studies in Culture and Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World
PTSP 2550 Introduction to Ibero-American Language, Literature, and Culture
ROML 3000 Topics in Romance Languages
SOCI(AFAM) 3300 Global Perspectives on Racism and Sexism
SOCI(WMST)(LACS) 4280 Global Perspectives on Gender
SPAN 2950 Study Abroad in Spanish
SPAN 4060 Spanish-American Literature and Culture from the Colonial Period through the Independence Period
SPAN 4070 Spanish-American Literature and Culture from Modernism through the Present
WMST 3100 LGBTQ Studies
WMST 4130/6130 Transnational Perspectives on Women and Gender