The following foreign languages are offered through the fourth semester with the exception of Scandinavian* which is only offered through the second semester. Scandinavian may not be used to fulfill the language requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences.

AMHA (Amharic)
ARAB (Arabic)
BENG (Bengali)
CHNS (Chinese (Mandarin)
FREN (French)
GRMN (German)
GREK (Greek)
HEBR (Hebrew)
HNDI (Hindi)
INDO (Indonesian)
ITAL (Italian)
JPNS (Japanese)
KREN (Korean)
LATN (Latin)
MAND (Manding)
PASH (Pashto)
PERS (Persian)
PORT (Portuguese)
PTSP (Portuguese and Spanish)
RUSS (Russian)
SCAN (Scandinavian)*
SEMI (Semitic)
SLAV (Slavic)
SPAN (Spanish)
SWAH (Swahili)
TURK (Turkish)
URDU (Urdu)
VIET (Vietnamese)
YORB (Yoruba)
ZULU (Zulu)