The university's main campus in Athens, Georgia, covers 605 acres and includes 313 buildings. To its north, the campus adjoins historic downtown Athens, which features many boutiques, restaurants, entertainment, and service businesses. The university covers 4,308 acres in Clarke County and owns a total of 43,261 acres throughout the state. UGA also offers extended degree programs in Griffin, Gwinnett, Tifton and Buckhead. Click on the link for Extended Campuses in the left-hand column for information.

North Campus

The famous Arch is located on historic North Campus. Centuries-old buildings including the Chapel, Old College, New College, the Law School and the Main Library, are nestled among majestic oaks on the original campus quadrangle. The Tate Student Center, the UGA Bookstore, and the heralded Sanford Stadium are located in the heart of campus.

South Campus

The South Campus area of the university is home to a variety of departments, mostly scientific and mathematical in nature. The two exceptions are Aderhold Hall, which houses the College of Education, and Tucker Hall, home to the School of Social Work. South Campus includes Science Row, which is home to a number of science classes; Conner Hall, home to the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences; and Boyd Graduate Research Center, home to the departments of mathematics and computer science. Two of UGA's professional schools, the College of Pharmacy and the College of Veterinary Medicine, are also located there. South Campus is also home to several athletic facilities, including Stegeman Coliseum and the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, home of the Athletic Association and a sports museum.

West Campus

The area known as West Campus at the University of Georgia is home to a variety of residence halls, including Oglethorpe House Residence Hall and Dining Commons, the Hill Community, consisting of five smaller residence halls, and the Colonial Community, featuring Brumby, Russell and Creswell high-rise residence halls. Bolton Dining Hall, the largest of the three dining halls on campus is located there. The Student Learning Center and a variety of campus organizations are located along Lumpkin Street.

East Campus

The newest section to the university, East Campus is home to the Performing and Visual Arts complex, featuring the state of Georgia's official art museum, the Georgia Museum of Art. The university's 5.5 acre workout center and home to the School of Health and Human Performance, the Ramsey Center for Physical Activities anchors East Campus. The Visitors Center and the Edgar L. Rhodes Animal Science Center, home to the animal and dairy science department and animal cloner Steve Stice are also located on East Campus.

State funds complemented by liberal private gifts, grants from foundations, and federal grants continue to increase the building program on campus.

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