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Course ID:PSYC 4850. 1-3 hours. Repeatable for maximum 6 hours credit.
Course Title:Directed Readings in Psychology
A course for the student who wishes to read comprehensively in a particular content area under the direction of a faculty member.
Athena Title:Directed Readings Psychology
Nontraditional Format:Directed study. The credit hours received are based on the amount of hours committed to spend in the lab. For 1 hour credit, student will work 3 hours weekly. For 2 hours, they work 6 hours weekly. For 3 hours, they work 9 hours weekly.
Prerequisite:PSYC 3990 and permission of department
Semester Course
Not offered on a regular basis.
Grading System:S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Available