Biology Research Courses
No more than four (4) research hours may count toward the required hours in the Biology B.S. major.

BCMB 4960H
BCMB 4970H
BCMB 4970L
BCMB 4990H

BHSI 4960
BHSI 4960H
BHSI 4970
BHSI 4970H
BHSI 4980
BHSI 4980H
BHSI 4990
BHSI 4990H

BIOL 4960
BIOL 4960H
BIOL 4970
BIOL 4970H
BIOL 4980
BIOL 4980H
BIOL 4990
BIOL 4990H

ECOL 4960
ECOL 4960H
ECOL 4990H
ECOL 4990

ENTO 4960
ENTO 4960H
ENTO 4970H
ENTO 4990H

GENE 4960
GENE 4960H
GENE 4970H
GENE 4980H
GENE 4990H

IDIS 4900
IDIS 4960H
IDIS 4970H
IDIS 4980H
IDIS 4990H

MARS 4960
MARS 4990

MIBO 4900L
MIBO 4950
MIBO 4960H
MIBO 4970H
MIBO 4980H
MIBO 4990H

PBIO 4960
PBIO 4960H
PBIO 4970H
PBIO 4980H
PBIO 4990H

PSYC 4960H
PSYC 4970H
PSYC 4980H
PSYC 4990H

VETM 4960
VETM 4960H
VETM 4970H
VETM 4990H

VPAT 4960
VPAT 4960H

VPHY 4960