Minor - Consumer Economics

Program Description
The minor in Consumer Economics provides a knowledge base for persons interested in a consumer's perpective of the marketplace. The course work helps students understand issues and policies affecting consumers.
Required Courses (15 hours):
FHCE 2100 or FHCE 2100E or FHCE 2100H 3
FHCE 3100 or FHCE 3100E 3
FHCE 3150 or FHCE 3150E 3
ECON 2106 or ECON 2106E or ECON 2106H 3
FHCE 4100/6100 or FHCE 5100/7100 3

For most students, the above list can be used toward the minor requirements even if a course counts toward your Area VI requirement. That includes ECON 2106/ECON 2106H.

If one of the five courses listed above is required for your major, you must choose a replacement course from the list below. You also must choose a replacement course if a course from the above list fulfills your Area I-V requirements. Otherwise, you must take the courses from the list above to earn the minor.

FHCE 3000  3
FHCE 3010  3 (max)
FHCE 3200 or FHCE 3200E or FHCE 3250 or FHCE 3250E 3
FHCE 4100/6100  3
FHCE 4400/6400  3
FHCE 5100/7100  3
FHCE 5150/7150  3
FHCE 5400/7400  3
FHCE 5710/7710  3
ENGL 3590W  3
Up to 3 hours from a 3000-level or above course in any of the following areas: ACCT, AAEC, ECON, FINA, INTB, MARK, MGMT, MIST, REAL, RMIN



  1. Log into Athena. Go to the Student tab, then click on My Programs.
  2. Click the Add Minor button, select the minor you wish to add, and confirm your selection. You will then be able to see if any courses you are taking or have taken will satisfy the minor requirements.
  3. Refer to the UGA Bulletin for minor course requirements.
For more information about minor course work, contact:

Dr. Brenda Cude, Undergraduate Coordinator
Department of Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics
102 Consumer Research Center (House C)