Minor - Fashion Merchandising

Program Description
A minor in Fashion Merchandising will provide students with an understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of the global fashion industry as it applies to apparel and textiles.

Required Courses (6 hours):
TXMI 2100 or TXMI 3500
TXMI 3210

Select one course from the following (3 hours):
TXMI 4260
TXMI 4290/6290
TXMI 5250 or TXMI 5240/7240

Select two courses from the following (6 hours):
TXMI 2010
TXMI 3240
TXMI 3500
TXMI 3520
TXMI 3530
TXMI 4220
TXMI 4230/6230
TXMI 4250
TXMI 4260
TXMI 4290/6290
TXMI 5240/7240
TXMI 5250
TXMI 5710/7710
FACS 5711


  1. Log into Athena. Go to the Student tab, then click on My Programs.
  2. Click the Add Minor button, select the minor you wish to add, and confirm your selection.
  3. Refer to the UGA Bulletin for minor course requirements.
For more information about minor course work, contact:
             Dr. Katalin Medvedev
             319 Dawson Hall