Minor - Microbiology

Please note: Some of these courses have prerequisites which are not part of the minor. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have met all the prerequisites needed in order to sign up for the minor courses.

Required Courses (9 hours):
MIBO 3500 3
MIBO 3510L 3
MIBO 4090/6090 3

Choose one course from the following (3-4 hours):
MIBO 4600L/6600L 4
BCMB 4030L/6030L 4
BIOL(CBIO) 5050L/7050L 3
CBIO 3410L 4
GENE 4210L 4
MIBO 4970H 4
MIBO 4900L* 4

*If you select this option you must complete two semesters, but only the second will count toward the hours for the minor.

Choose one additional 4000-level MIBO course (3-4 hours):
FDST(MIBO) 4030/6030-4030L/6030L 3
CBIO(MIBO)(IDIS) 4100/6100 3
MIBO 4110 3
FDST(MIBO) 4120/6120-4120L/6120L 3
MIBO(POPH) 4220S/6220S 3
MIBO 4300/6300 2
EHSC(FDST)(MIBO) 4310/6310-4310L/6310L 4
FDST(EHSC)(MIBO) 4320/6320-4320L/6320L 3
POPH(MIBO)(IDIS) 4450/6450-4450L/6450L 4
MIBO 4500/6500 3
MIBO 4600L/6600L 4 (If not used for the previous requirement)
CRSS(MIBO) 4610/6610-4610L/6610L 4
MARS(MIBO) 4620/6620-4620L/6620L 3
POPH(MIBO)(IDIS) 4650/6650 3
POPH(MIBO) 4651 3
MIBO 4680/6680 4
MIBO 4700/6700 3
MIBO 4710L/6710L 3


In cases where one of the above courses must be counted towards the major and, therefore, cannot be counted towards the minor, any 3-hour upper-division course in MIBO can substitute for one course with approval of the Microbiology Department.

For more information about minor course work, contact:
Lawrence Shimkets
(706) 542-2681