English Education - B.S.Ed.


Degree Requirements

Entrance Requirements for the Major

General Education Core Curriculum
(Selected with the advice of an academic advisor)

Area VI
Major Requirements
College-wide Requirements must be satisfied in order to graduate with this major


I. Foundation Courses (9 hours)

ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101E or ENGL 1101S 
ENGL 1102 or ENGL 1102E or ENGL 1103 or ENGL 1050H or ENGL 1060H  
MATH 1101 or MATH 1113 or MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 or MATH 2300H or MATH 2400 or MATH 2400H or MATH 2410 or MATH 2410H or STAT 2000

II. Sciences (7-8 hours)

At least one of the physical science or life science courses must include a laboratory.
Physical Sciences (3-4 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.
Life Sciences (3-4 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.


III. Quantitative Reasoning (3-4 hours)

No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.


IV. World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts (12 hours)

Note: Course credit received as a result of a score on a departmental foreign language placement test will not satisfy the General Education Core Curriculum requirements in Area IV, World Languages and Culture, Humanities and the Arts.
World Languages and Culture (9 hours)
Preferred Course(s): LING 2100 or LING 2100H

Humanities and the Arts (3 hours)
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.

V. Social Sciences (9 hours)

  • Students who have not met the Georgia and U.S. Constitution requirement by examination should enroll in POLS 1101 or POLS 1101E or POLS 1105H.
  • A passing grade on an examination on the history of the United States and Georgia is required to satisfy the United States and Georgia History Requirement for all persons receiving a baccalaureate degree from the University, unless exempted by one of the following courses: HIST 2111, HIST 2111E, HIST 2111H, HIST 2112, HIST 2112E, HIST 2112H, HIST 3080H. Examinations are given at University Testing Services. Reexamination is permitted. Contact University Testing Services at (706) 542-3183 for information.
No preferred courses for this area. See Core Curriculum view.


Area VI

(A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) or higher is required.) 

EDUC 2110
or EDUC 2110H  
EDUC 2120
EDUC(EPSY) 2130 or EPSY 2130H 
SPED 4030/6030

Choose one ENGL courses from the following:
ENGL 2310 or ENGL 2350H
ENGL 2320 or ENGL 2360H
ENGL 2330 or ENGL 2370H
ENGL 2340 or ENGL 2380H
ENGL 2400 or ENGL 2390H

Choose a second course (not taken above) from:
CMLT 2111 or CMLT 2250H
CMLT 2210 or CMLT 2260H
CMLT 2212 or CMLT 2270H
CMLT 2220 or CMLT 2280H
CMLT 2400 or CMLT 2410H
CMLT 2500
CMLT(AFAM) 2600 or CMLT 2610H
ENGL 2310 or ENGL 2350H
ENGL 2320 or ENGL 2360H
ENGL 2330 or ENGL 2370H
ENGL 2340 or ENGL 2380H
ENGL 2400 or ENGL 2390H 

If any of the courses in Area VI have been used to satisfy Areas II-V of the Core Curriculum, General Electives may be taken here. (Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting General Electives)

*Beginning July 1, 2019, all teacher education candidates must have a grade of B or higher in the exceptional children course requirements for certification. 


Entrance Requirements
1. Completion of Core Areas I-V 
2. Completion of two (2) ENGL/CMLT 2000 level elective courses 
3. EDUC(EPSY) 2130 and (EDUC 2110 or EDUC 2110H
4. Passing score on the GACE Program Admissions Assessment or exempt the GACE Program Admissions Assessment with one of the following:
        a. Combined minimum SAT score:
               For SAT score reports dated prior to July 1, 2019: 
  • 1,000 on Verbal/Critical Reading and Math, OR 
  • 1,000 on Evidence-based Reading/Writing and Math 
               For SAT score reports dated on or after July 1, 2019: 
  • 1,080 on Evidence-based Reading/Writing AND Math 
        b. Combined minimum ACT score of 43 (English and Math scores)
5. Overall GPA of 2.6 
6. Submission of a three to five (3-5) page purpose statement
7. Submission of a resume that documents experiences working with young people, work experience that is relevant to a career in education, extracurricular activities, academic awards and honors. This is a high-demand major.

After meeting the entrance requirements, students will be selected based on the high-demand selection criteria listed below.

English Education Application: http://www.coe.uga.edu/lle/academic-programs/undergraduate-programs/english-education/english-education/b-s-e-d/

All teacher education candidates are required to have a GaPSC pre-service certificate prior to beginning field experience. Click on the link for the Pre-Service Requirements and instructions: https://coe.uga.edu/pre-service

For teacher certification completion, see below.

High-Demand Major–Selection Criteria
  • Academic background (20%)
  • Experience working with learners (30%)
  • Experiences relevant to a career in education (20%)
  • 3-5 page statement of purpose explaining why the candidate wishes to pursue a career in English teaching (30%)
  • HRLine

    Major Requirements

    A baccalaureate degree program must require at least 21 semester hours of upper division courses in the major field and at least 39 semester hours of upper division work overall.

    Required Courses (36 hours)
    LLED 3461S or LLED 3461H 
    LLED 4430/6430
    LLED 4400/6400 
    LLED 4450 
    LLED 4480/6480
    LLED 4490/6490
    LLED 4461  


    LLED 4462/6462 (3 hours)
    LLED 5465/7465 (12 hours)


    Area of Emphasis - Educational Studies in English Education
    Required Courses (6 hours):
    LLED 4000/6000
    LLED 4045 or LLED 4045E

    Major Electives (9 hours):
    6 hours of major electives for the emphasis area must consist of two of the following courses:
    EPSY 3010 or EPSY 3010S or EPSY 3010H
    EPSY 4000/6000 (3 hours)
    EPSY 4010 or EPSY 4010H (3 hours)
    EPSY 4061 or EPSY 4061H
    ETAP 4000/6000 (3 hours)
    ETAP(AFAM) 4515
    LLED 5040/7040 or LLED 5040E/7040E

    The final 3 hours of major electives may consist of either a third course from the above list or any other relevant course at the 3000-level or above approved by the student's advisor.

    Major Electives (24 hours)

    LLED 4410  

    Choose one course from the following ENGL (Shakespeare or British Literature) courses:

    ENGL 4197ENGL 4430
    ENGL 4210/6210ENGL 4440/6440
    ENGL 4220/6220ENGL 4450
    ENGL 4222ENGL 4460
    ENGL 4230ENGL 4480/6480
    ENGL 4240/6240ENGL 4490
    ENGL 4270ENGL 4491-4491L
    ENGL 4290ENGL 4500
    ENGL 4295/6295ENGL 4501
    ENGL 4296ENGL 4505
    ENGL 4300/6300ENGL 4510
    ENGL 4320/6320ENGL 4520
    ENGL 4330ENGL 4525W
    ENGL 4331ENGL 4530
    ENGL 4332ENGL 4540
    ENGL 4333E/6333EENGL 4590
    ENGL 4334/6334ENGL 4660
    ENGL 4340/6340ENGL 4670
    ENGL 4350/6350ENGL 4675
    ENGL 4370ENGL 4680
    ENGL 4390ENGL 4685
    ENGL 4400/6400ENGL 4690  
    ENGL 4420/6420ENGL 4698

    Choose one course from the following ENGL (American Literature) courses:
    ENGL(AFAM) 4620ENGL 4760
    ENGL(AFAM) 4630ENGL 4770
    ENGL 4642/6642-4642L/6642LENGL 4780
    ENGL 4700ENGL 4790
    ENGL 4710ENGL 4791
    ENGL 4712ENGL 4795
    ENGL 4720ENGL 4860
    ENGL 4721ENGL 4874
    ENGL 4723ENGL(AFAM) 4880  
    ENGL 4730ENGL(AFAM) 4882W
    ENGL 4740ENGL(AFAM) 4883W
    ENGL 4750ENGL(AFAM) 4884

    Choose one course from the following ENGL or CMLT (World Literature) courses:
    CMLT 4600/6600ENGL 4530
    CMLT 4610/6610ENGL 4540
    CMLT 4620/6620ENGL 4590
    CMLT(AFST) 4880/6880ENGL(AFAM) 4620
    CMLT(AFST) 4890/6890ENGL(AFAM) 4630
    ENGL 4197ENGL 4642/6642-4642L/6642L
    ENGL 4210/6210ENGL 4660
    ENGL 4220/6220ENGL 4670
    ENGL 4222ENGL 4675
    ENGL 4230ENGL 4680
    ENGL 4240/6240ENGL 4685
    ENGL 4270ENGL 4690
    ENGL 4290ENGL 4698
    ENGL 4295/6295ENGL 4700
    ENGL 4296ENGL 4710
    ENGL 4300/6300ENGL 4712
    ENGL 4320/6320ENGL 4720
    ENGL 4330ENGL 4721
    ENGL 4331ENGL 4723
    ENGL 4332ENGL 4730
    ENGL 4333E/6333EENGL 4740
    ENGL 4334/6334ENGL 4750
    ENGL 4340/6340ENGL 4760
    ENGL 4350/6350ENGL 4770
    ENGL 4370ENGL 4780
    ENGL 4390ENGL 4790
    ENGL 4400/6400ENGL 4791
    ENGL 4420/6420ENGL 4795
    ENGL 4430ENGL 4835
    ENGL 4440/6440ENGL 4860
    ENGL 4450ENGL 4865
    ENGL 4460ENGL 4866
    ENGL 4480/6480ENGL 4870
    ENGL 4490ENGL 4874
    ENGL 4491-4491LENGL(AFAM) 4880  
    ENGL 4500ENGL(AFAM) 4882W
    ENGL 4501ENGL(AFAM) 4883W
    ENGL 4520ENGL(AFAM) 4884
    ENGL 4525W

    Choose one course from the following ENGL, LING, or LLED (Language Study) courses:
    ENGL 3030
    ENGL 3590W
    ENGL(LING) 4005/6005
    ENGL(LING) 4010/6010
    ENGL 4110/6110
    ENGL 4826
    ENGL 4830W
    ENGL 4831W  
    ENGL 4832W
    ENGL 4833W
    LLED 5730/7730   

    Choose three courses from the following:
    CMLT 3200CMLT 4620/6620
    CMLT 4050/6050CMLT(AFST) 4880/6880
    CMLT 4400/6400CMLT(AFST) 4890/6890
    CMLT 4510/6510Any CMLT 3000/4000 level
    CMLT 4600/6600Any ENGL 3000/4000 level*
    CMLT 4610/6610

    *Students who are considering dual majoring in English/English Education A.B./B.S.Ed. should take ENGL courses. 

    Requirements for Teacher Certification:

    To be considered a UGA program completer and to be eligible for a Certificate of Eligibility in an initial educator preparation program, you must complete the following assessments:

    • Georgia Educator Ethics - Program Exit Assessment
    • GACE Content Assessment
    • edTPA
    • Complete all Foliotek requirements if your program requires you to have an account
    • Complete COE Exit Survey
    • Complete Child Abuse and FERPA Training 
    For detailed information on the program completion requirements, visit https://coe.uga.edu/teacher-certification
    (This total does not include the 1-hour P.E. requirement)