Anthropology - A.B.

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Degree & Major: Anthropology - A.B.
College Name: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Department Name: Anthropology
Undergraduate Advisor
(706) 542-3922
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: The program requires one course in each of the three core areas (cultural anthropology, archaeology and biological anthropology), six additional three-semester-hour elective anthropology courses, and a one-hour Senior Seminar.

Career Opportunities: Career opportunities are limited with only an A.B. Degree, but include opportunities in contract archaeology, jobs that involve working with other cultures, and employment requiring general skills of social science. Some recent graduates have applied their training in public service agencies such as the Peace Corps and Ameri Corps.
of Transfer Students:
Six to nine semester credit hours of anthropology, beyond ANTH 1102, may be accepted.
Internships: Museum of Natural History-Natural History Internship (ANTH 4261)
Contact: Dr. Reitz, 706-542-1464
Other Learning Opportunities: Archaeological Site File and occasional research support for faculty.
Student Organizations: Anyone interested in anthropology is invited to join the Anthropology Society. The bimonthly meetings alternate between serious discussions about anthropology, such as graduate study opportunities or careers in anthropology, and more light-hearted social events. Watch for meeting announcements posted in Baldwin Hall.