Ecology - B.S.

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Degree & Major: Ecology - B.S.
College Name: Odum School of Ecology
Dr. Scott Connelly
Faculty Instructor
(706) 542-5233
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Description: Ecology, the study of organisms and their environment, is an interdisciplinary science. Ecologists work at the interface of basic science fields such as biology, geology, chemistry, and mathematics, and may draw more broadly on subjects such as economics, public policy, environmental law, anthropology, and geography. There is a growing need to understand how organisms and the environment interact and to examine the influence of humans on the earth and its biodiversity.

This degree is designed to prepare undergraduates for advanced graduate studies in ecology or allied disciplines leading to a Masters or Doctoral degree. Students planning to finish their studies at the B.S. level should discuss this with an advisor as soon as possible to design an appropriate program of study.

Students may elect to expand their experience through study abroad programs, internships with the Institute of Ecology or other sponsors, or independent research opportunities. These activities are strongly encouraged but are not required for the degree.

Career Opportunities: Many students completing this major will elect to enter graduate programs in Ecology or allied fields. Employment opportunities exist with consultant or environmental businesses that provide environmental services to local communities or industries. We see substantial opportunities in this sector of the economy and encourage students to include appropriate academic breadth in their curriculum. These include writing and speaking skills as well as experience in conflict resolution.
of Transfer Students:
Students should complete the science foundation courses for the major, which include a year of general chemistry, mathematics courses through integral calculus, a year of biology and, if possible, organic chemistry. Students with this background will be ready to enroll immediately in major classes.
Study Abroad: Costa Rica Tropical Ecology Program and other OIE programs.
Internships: Students can receive credit (ECOL 4940) for approved internship experiences. Please contact Professor Richardson for details.
Service Learning: We offer service learning courses.
Student Organizations: Ecology Club
Available Graduate Programs: Any graduate program with a focus on ecology and evolutionary biology.