Academic Dismissal

Undergraduate students are subject to the retention standards listed below.

Students will be dismissed after two successive terms of probation if their UGA cumulative average is below that required for a designated number of total hours attempted as follows:

Total Semester Hours Attempted Required Minimum UGA
Cumulative Average
00-20.9 1.60
21.0-39.9 1.70
40.0-59.9 1.80
60.0-79.9 1.90
80.0 and above 2.00

The following policies are used to determine a term of probation, a term of enrollment, total hours attempted, and minimum enrollment requirements:

  1. A probationary term is the term of enrollment subsequent to the one in which the student's UGA cumulative average fell below 2.00. Grades earned in courses for which the student received transfer credit are not included in the computation of the UGA cumulative average.
  2. Students will be considered enrolled for any term during which they receive a grade or grades other than WP or V.
  3. Total Hours Attempted include all hours attempted at the University plus all hours transferred to the University with the following exceptions:
    1. Hours in courses with grades of I, WP, V, NR, and ER are not counted.
    2. Hours in courses numbered less than 1000 are not counted, e.g., Academic Assistance courses, Regents' Remediation courses.
    Note: Total hours attempted as defined above reflect hours used for probation/dismissal calculations and are not necessarily synonymous with HOPE Scholarship hours attempted.
  4. Students will not be subject to dismissal if they meet the applicable retention standards listed above at the end of their most recent term of enrollment.
  5. If students do not meet the applicable retention standards listed above at the end of their most recent term of attendance, they may be continued on probation provided they were enrolled for a minimum of 6 semester hours (3 semester hours during the summer semester) and earned a term average of 2.30 or higher. The following policies apply in the computation of the minimum enrollment requirement:
    1. These hours must be in courses numbered 1000 or above that are graded A-F exclusively.
    2. Courses in which grades of WP, V, I, S, U, NR, or ER are received do not count toward these hours.
First Dismissal
Upon a first academic dismissal, a student may not re-enroll in the University until a full Fall or Spring semester has elapsed. Each student upon first dismissal will be informed by his or her school or college of procedures and standards that will be applied for readmittance.

Second Dismissal
After a second academic dismissal, students will be suspended from the University for a minimum of one calendar year. At the end of the suspension, permission to return to the University can be granted only by appealing to the University Educational Affairs Committee. For more information, see