University of Georgia Foundation

The University of Georgia Foundation was organized in 1937 under the sponsorship of the Alumni Society and its officers. The Foundation is a private, non-profit corporation under the laws of the state of Georgia and has a board of trustees, consisting of alumni and friends of the University.

The Foundation's purpose is to strengthen and enrich the University's academic mission. The Foundation receives gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations, and administers such gifts in accordance with the instructions of the donors. The Foundation facilitates the use of those resources to help lift the University to heights of excellence it could not attain solely with public funding. Specifically, gifts to the Foundation are used to provide scholarships for superior students; to support distinguished faculty scholars and researchers; to strengthen research and teaching programs; and to build vitally needed facilities for University activities.

Information regarding the Foundation may be obtained by writing to the Senior Vice President for External Affairs, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 30602.