University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

The University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia as a nonprofit corporation on November 17, 1978.

In a Memorandum of Understanding dated February 26, 1979, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia authorized the Research Foundation to serve as the official grantee of all contracts, grants, and gifts for the conduct of sponsored research at the University of Georgia. In turn, the Research Foundation subcontracts with the University.

The Research Foundation was also organized to assist in the transfer of technology developed through the University of Georgia's research programs or by University personnel to the benefit of the University of Georgia and the general public. It works with inventors to obtain appropriate protection for their discoveries, including patents, plant patents, copyrights, trademarks, and plant variety protection certificates. It then works with industry to license the discoveries for commercial development.

UGARF has also been organized to assist the State of Georgia in economic development. UGARF supports a number of activities through its programs that enhance the link between the research enterprise and economic outcomes, including technology transfer, technology assessment and valuation, access to capital, identifying sources of management talent, and backing new initiatives to encourage the creation of research related companies. Early state identification of research discoveries and meaningful assistance with technology development enable the commercialization process to have much better outcomes in terms of wealth creation, job creation, and substantial returns on research and development investment. Through such UGARF programs as the Commercialization Alliance Program (CAP) and the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO), a range of services may be accessed with regard to technology-based startup companies, corporate outreach for industry-sponsored research activities, business incubation programs, and facilitation with the Georgia Research Alliance.

For further information, please contact the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc., Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center, Athens, GA 30602-7411, (706) 542-4750.