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Actuarial Science

Contact Person
Courtney Gray
Department of Insurance, Legal Studies and Real Estate
Terry College of Business

An application within the Terry College of Business is required. Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.6 and a minimum grade of C in MATH 2250 and MATH 2260 (or equivalent courses) in order to apply.

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Description of the Program

The actuarial science certificate program is designed to prepare students for a career as an actuary. https://www.soa.org/future-actuaries/career-paths/. Actuaries apply mathematical models to measure and manage risk. They work for and with organizations with a financial focus, such as insurance companies, banks, investment firms, government agencies, and accounting and consulting firms. The program combines coursework in mathematics, probability, statistics, risk management, economics, and finance.

Program Requirements
Students must be degree-seeking undergraduates at the University of Georgia and must be able to simultaneously satisfy the requirements of the Actuarial Science Certificate Program while completing their degree requirements. If courses listed below are used to satisfy degree requirements, they may also be used to satisfy certificate requirements. Students must take a minimum of 21 hours. A minimum grade of C (2.00) is required in the three core courses making up Part I and the two course sequences making up Part II.

  • MATH 2250: Calculus I for Science and Engineering
  • MATH 2260: Calculus II for Science and Engineering

Part I – Required Core Courses (9 Hours):
A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) is required for the courses in Part I. * MATH 2270 or MATH 2500 is a prerequisite for core courses STAT 4510/6510 or MATH 4600/6600. MATH 2270 or MATH 2500 is not a prerequisite for RMIN 4100 or RMIN 4200.

Part II – Choose Two Course Sequences from the Following (12 Hours):
A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) is required for the courses in Part II.

*If a student takes STAT 4510/6510 to satisfy the requirements for Part I and elects to complete Sequence 3, then they should request to have a related STAT course substitute for STAT 4510/6510.