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Course ID:FANR 1100E. 3 hours.
Course Title:Natural Resources Conservation
Introduction to the general principles and contemporary issues related to ecology and management of wildlife, fish, forests, and rangelands; natural resources recreation and tourism; conservation of water, wetlands, and soil resources; and renewable and non-renewable energy. Students will acquire the knowledge necessary to advance beyond the simplistic portrayal of environmental dilemmas offered by mass media and gain a firmer basis for environmental stewardship, responsible citizenship, and action on environmental issues.
Athena Title:Natural Resources Conservation
Equivalent Courses:Not open to students with credit in FANR 1100, MARS 1100
Nontraditional Format:This course will be taught 95% or more online. Two to three PowerPoint lectures, with handouts and assigned readings, will be posted online for students to review per week. Lectures will also have associated learning objectives and study questions to help guide student learning. Students will be required to write brief write-ups on select lectures and readings on a discussion post within ELC and to share their thoughts and opinions with other students in the class.
Semester Course
Offered fall, spring and summer semester every year.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)