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Course ID:FILM(LACS) 4640I/6640I. 3 hours. 2 hours lecture and 2 hours lab per week.
Course Title:Latin American Film and Media
A historical survey of cinema and related audio(visual) media, including radio, television, and digital media, in Latin America. The course traces the role played by cinema and media in nation-building in Latin American countries as well as the relationship between film aesthetics, politics, and globalization.
Athena Title:Lat Am Film/Med
Equivalent Courses:Not open to students with credit in FILM 4640, LACS 4640 or FILM 6640, LACS 6640
Nontraditional Format:Students enrolled in the I-suffix version of the course will complete a list of primary and secondary readings in Spanish, which total at least 25 percent of the number of total readings assigned, in lieu of the English-language material assigned for those class meetings. These students will also write their term papers (7-9 pages) in Spanish and meet once a month with the instructor and their fellow I-suffix classmates for a required fifty-minute discussion section in Spanish, to be scheduled outside of class/lab hours by agreement with the instructor.
Semester Course
Offered every even-numbered year.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Available