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Course ID:FANR 4020/6020. 3 hours.
Course Title:Sustainable Development
Employers are recruiting students with a background in sustainability sciences. Additionally, these students have an edge in developing their own enterprises. The concept of sustainable development with a special focus on learning and applying quantitative skills in a real world setting. This course will prepare students for current job markets and opportunities at local and national levels.
Athena Title:Sustainable Development
Prerequisite:CSCI 1210 or ECON 2100 or ECON 2100E or ENVE 2610 or FANR 1500 or LAND 2310 or ECOL 1000 or ECOL 1000E or ECOL 1000H or FANR(MARS) 1100 or FANR 1100E or HORT 2000 or HORT 2000E or LAND 1500 or LAND 1500E or GEOG 1125 or GEOG 1125E
Semester Course
Offered spring semester every year.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Available