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Course ID:ARST 4995. 3 hours.
Course Title:Capstone Exhibition and Professional Practices
This cross-media course develops students’ professional skills for the field including exhibition curation and installation, as well as tools and knowledge for careers in art, design, and related fields. The course includes career path development and the constructs of vision, branding, business practices, and other professional tools.
Athena Title:Capstone Exhibition
Prerequisite:Three 3000-level or above ARST or ARGD or ARID courses
Corequisite:ARST 4140 or ARST 4200 or ARST 4201 or ARST 4345/6345 or ARST 4370/6370 or ARST 4400 or ARST 4420/6420 or ARST 4440 or ARST 4500/6500 or ARST 4620 or ARST 3760 or ARST 4800/6800 or ARST 4925/6925 or ARST 4990R or INTS 4990R or ARGD 4110
Semester Course
Offered fall and spring semester every year.
Grading System:A-F (Traditional)
Syllabus: No Syllabus Available