College-wide Requirements



In addition to completing the University of Georgia Core Curriculum and University-wide degree requirements, all recipients of degrees from the School of Public & International Affairs are expected to satisfy the following requirements.

Literature Requirement
Taking or having credit for one of the following courses may satisfy the literature requirement:

Any 2000 level ENGL course or ENGL 3320 or ENGL 3400
Any CMLT course numbered 2111 or above
CLAS 1000, CLAS 1000H, CLAS 1010, CLAS 1010H, CLAS 1020, CLAS 1020H, any LATN or GREK course at the +3000 level
RELI 4001/6001, RELI 4080/6080
GRMN 3120, GRMN 3410, GRMN 3420, any course from GRMN 3610 to GRMN 3710, GRMN 3810, GRMN 3830, GRMN 3840, GRMN 3870, GRMN 3875, GRMN 4015, GRMN 4020, GRMN 4310, GRMN 4410, GRMN 4610H, or GRMN 4710
RUSS 3400 or any course from RUSS 4040 to RUSS 4290
FREN 3030, FREN 3030H
ITAL 2500, ITAL 4030/6030, ITAL 4030I/6030I, ITAL 4050/6050, ITAL 4060/6060, ITAL 4070/6070, ITAL 4120/6120
Any course from PORT 4050 to PORT 4080
ROML 2550, ROML 3000
SPAN 2550, SPAN 3030, SPAN 3030H, or SPAN 3040

Fine Arts, Philosophy, Religion Requirement
Taking or having credit for two of the following courses may satisfy the fine arts, philosophy, and religion requirement:

Any (3+ hour) courses in Music (MUSI), Art (ARTS), Art History (ARHI), Film (FILM), Theatre (THEA), Philosophy (PHIL), or Religion (RELI) taught at the undergraduate levels (1000-5999).
DANC 2010, GRMN 2400, GRMN 3300, GRMN 3820, ITAL 4040/6040, ITAL 4040I/6040I, LING 2100, RUSS 3300, SPAN 4081, SPAN 4082

Economics Requirement
Taking or having credit for either ECON 2105, ECON 2105H, ECON 2106, or ECON 2106H.

Statistics or Math Requirement
Any 1000-level or 2000-level University System of Georgia Statistics (STAT) course.
Taking or having credit for MATH 1060 or any course from MATH 2200 to MATH 2400.
BIOS 2010-2010L, BUSN 3000/a>, or BUSN 3000H/a>.

Foreign Language Requirement
Taking or having credit in the third term course of one foreign language or the third term course of American Sign Language

Cultural Diversity Requirement
Taking one course from an approved list of SPIA Cultural Diversity courses will satisfy this requirement.