Management - B.B.A.

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Degree & Major: Management - B.B.A.
College Name: Terry College of Business
Department Name: Management
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Description: A primary objective of the Management major is to help students develop the perspective, skill, and knowledge needed to manage and lead the modern organization more effectively. What makes the life of a manager so interesting is that it requires one to address such a wide variety of problems—financial, material, human, legal, political, and environmental—almost every day. No other career provides such a rich mixture of challenges. To be successful under such conditions, students must be able to work with and through groups of people toward a common end and be able to communicate with others (in both written and oral form) the mission, goals, objectives, and direction of the organization which they are chosen to lead. Further, in an increasingly complex and global business environment, students must be able to think creatively with regard to problem solving in all areas of the enterprise. The common program of study for students who are candidates for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offers excellent opportunities to select coursework which may well serve a variety of personal development goals in meeting the professional challenges outlined above. Within the Management major itself, the required "Management Core" is designed to provide students with exposure to the central issues and competencies required for managers facing the twenty-first century. Through appropriate selection of major elective courses, students may better prepare for career opportunities that utilize the specialized knowledge and skills offered in more specific areas.

In addition to coursework, there are other means of achieving personal developmental needs for a career in management. A primary opportunity is through involvement in any of the many campus organizations, such as the Management Society. For a complete listing, stop by the Information Desk at the Tate Center. Because managers are "joiners" and leaders, the best way to develop and demonstrate the qualities necessary for successful management is by joining and by leading whenever and wherever an opportunity occurs. Campus organizations provide just such an opportunity.

Career Opportunities: Many Management majors join a major firm as management trainees. This experience prepares the new graduate for the challenges specific to a particular organization or industry and also gives senior managers the opportunity to assess a beginner’s potential for higher-level leadership.

On the other hand, some students may choose to take a job with a hospital, a governmental agency, or some public sector organization, or start an entrepreneurial venture or join a family business. Others are employed in such specialized areas as sales, manufacturing, purchasing, or human resource management. The career opportunities in management are limited only by a student's own dreams, aptitudes, ambitions, and perseverance.
Study Abroad: UGA Study Abroad in Verona, Italy; UGA Study Abroad in Avignon; Terry faculty-led Study Abroad programs
Internships: Internships and cooperative education opportunities are designed to give students a meaningful work experience in their chosen fields as a formal part of the academic program.
Student Organizations: Management Society
Contact: Ms. Simoon Cannon, faculty advisor

UGA Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Contact: Ms. Lynn Guhde, faculty advisor

UGA Supply Chain Advisory Board
Contact: Mr. Martin Parker, faculty advisor
Available Graduate Programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA), master's program in Management, and other graduate programs offered in the area of business.