Pharmacy - Pharm.D.

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Degree & Major: Pharmacy - Pharm.D.
College Name: College of Pharmacy
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Degree Requirements

Description: The College of Pharmacy provides for the comprehensive academic needs of the profession of pharmacy. The College’s doctor of pharmacy degree program prepares students for the practice of pharmacy and the delivery of pharmaceutical care. Its graduate program prepares individuals for professional specialization and careers in teaching and research. The post-graduate educational needs of the profession are met through the College’s continuing education program. Faculty research supports all of these programs and contributes to the advancement of the body of pharmaceutical knowledge.

To be admitted to the professional program in the College of Pharmacy, a student must have completed 69 semester hours of specified pre-pharmacy coursework. The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is not required for admission, but it is recommended that applicants take the PCAT prior to applying. For complete information concerning the pre-pharmacy curriculum, refer to the College of Pharmacy section of this Bulletin.

Professional Electives Requirement

Students who matriculate in fall 2020 and thereafter are required to complete 11 hours of electives as part of the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum. At least 8 hours should be professional electives. Professional electives are defined as those that enhance students' professional development. Electives offered within the College of Pharmacy are acceptable, as are select courses outside of the College of Pharmacy.

Courses with the following prefixes would be considered professional electives: ACCT (Accounting), CSCI (Computer Science), DMAN (Disaster Management), ECHD (Counseling and Human Development Services), FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences), FINA (Finance), GRNT (Gerontology), GLOB (Global Health), HPAM (Health Policy and Management), HPRB (Health Promotion and Behavior), IDIS (Infectious Diseases), KINS (Kinesiology), LLOD (Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development), MARK (Marketing), MGMT (Management), PBHL (Public Health), PSYC (Psychology), and foreign language courses, including sign language.

Approval for professional electives outside the College of Pharmacy should go through the administrator with oversight of the Pharm.D. curriculum. In addition, the following restrictions apply:

-Students may not: (a) go backward in a course sequence, (b) repeat a course, (c) take a remedial course, or (d) take a PE course when completing the electives requirement.

-Courses taken before entering the Doctor of Pharmacy program cannot count towards the 11-hour elective requirement.

In addition to the general University requirements relative to scholarship, the following requirements must be met by all professional students:

All grades of C- (1.7) or better will be given credit towards graduation and will allow student progression in all pharmacy courses and required electives. An overall grade point average of 2.0 must be earned in all pharmacy courses and required electives to graduate.

For more information about degree requirements, contact the College of Pharmacy at (706) 542-7287.