Applied Biotechnology - B.S.A.B.

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Degree & Major: Applied Biotechnology - B.S.A.B.
College Name: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Donald Champagne
Associate Professor, Entomology
(706) 542-2342
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Description: The applied biotechnology major provides students with the scientific background and laboratory experience necessary for employment in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, or for advanced study in the applications of biotechnology and molecular biology for the use and improvement of plants, animals, and micro-organisms. In addition, it can be used by students to prepare for professional programs in medicine.

Students should possess a strong interest in the sciences and an interest in chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology. This interdisciplinary major brings together areas of study such as animals, food science, forestry, entomology, and plants to educate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to use biotechnology for the improvement of plants, animals, and microorganisms.

Students will be able to obtain the hands-on experience needed in this discipline through work on campus and internships with biotechnology-related companies. Students will choose an area of emphasis that will allow them to study the use of biotechnology in the improvement of plants, animals, or food science.

Career Opportunities: Applied biotechnology graduates fill critical roles within the biotech industry. The objective of the major in applied biotechnology is to provide students with multidisciplinary training in applied biotechnology, give them a focus area for application of skills and knowledge, provide them with appropriate communication skills, and provide scientific and business communities with highly skilled individuals for employment in this important area. Employment opportunities are available with federal and state agencies, universities, private corporations, and research centers. Qualified graduates may elect to study for the M.S. or Ph.D. at the University of Georgia or at other universities.
Scholarships: Several scholarships are available to Applied Biotechnology majors through the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Information is available at
Study Abroad: See UGA StudyAway Portal for programs (
Internships: Students will be able to obtain the hands-on experience needed in this discipline through internships with biotechnology-related companies.
Student Organizations: Applied Biotechnology majors can join any science-based student clubs or organizations on South Campus. An applied biotechnology club is forthcoming.
Available Graduate Programs: Biological Sciences, Engineering Sciences and numerous subdiscliplines (genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, plant science, animal science, food science) at all Land Grant Universities nationwide and all universities and colleges; medical school and law school.