Sociology - A.B.

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Degree & Major: Sociology - A.B.
College Name: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Department Name: Sociology
Kathy Lou
(706) 542-3195
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Degree Requirements

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University-wide Requirements

Description: The major is designed to teach undergraduate students the sociological perspective, which has three central aspects. The first is the recognition of the preeminence of social structures and their influences, and of micro- and macro-level social processes. The second is the role of logic and of the scientific method in the acquisition of knowledge. The final aspect is the enduring link between the individual's experience and larger social processes.

In achieving its purpose, the sociology curriculum provides repeated experiences wherein students pose sociological questions and bring data to bear on them, making full use of computer technologies. Courses underscore the centrality of race, class, gender and culture in society and in sociological analysis. In the process, they expose students to comparative and international materials. More generally, the major develops student capacity for abstract thought, and for effective written and oral communication.

Career Opportunities: Sociology is a liberal-arts specialty that leads to a wide range of career options in government or business. In addition, a sociology major provides a solid foundation for further post-graduate study in law, business, and the social sciences.
of Transfer Students:
Transfers into the major should have completed an introductory sociology course. No more than ten quarter hours or six semester hours of transfer credit will be applied toward requirements for the major.
Special Requirements: Sociology majors must complete Introductory Sociology (SOCI 1101) and either Introductory Statistics (STAT 2000) or Quantitative Methods of Social Research (SOCI 3610). Sociology majors must also complete Development of Sociological Theory (SOCI 3220), Research Methods in Sociology (SOCI 3580), and seven electives with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better. Six of the seven electives must be at the 3000 level or higher, and must be taken in residence.
Scholarships: The Phyllis Jenkins Barrow Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating major who is a Georgia resident and has excelled academically. The Department also awards one scholarship annually to an outstanding major who plans to study sociology in a study abroad program.
Study Abroad: Third- and fourth-year students may study sociology abroad and receive credits toward their majors. Interested students should contact the Study Abroad Office, 706-425-3274.
Other Learning Opportunities: The Department of Sociology offers courses in several study abroad programs, including Paris (France), Stellenbosch (South Africa), Liverpool (UK), and Verona (Italy).
Available Graduate Programs: Graduate programs in Sociology; many students also go on to law school, business school, and education school.