Turfgrass Management - B.S.A.

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Degree & Major: Turfgrass Management - B.S.A.
College Name: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Department Name: Crop and Soil Sciences
Aaron Thompson
Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
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Description: Turfgrass management is the study of the science and culture of fine grasses that are used on golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns, and other areas requiring an attractive but functional ground cover. Increasing interest in outdoor recreational activities as well as aesthetically appealing landscaped areas has created a demand for professional turfgrass managers.

The curriculum is designed for maximum flexibility that allows students the opportunity to select one of two paths depending on their interest and future goals. Both paths will enable students the ability to secure any of the jobs discussed above as well as to enter graduate school. Specifically, the curriculum educates students in the principles and applications of both applied and basic sciences necessary for the successful establishment and maintenance of fine turfgrass areas. Students completing the turfgrass management curriculum will be knowledgeable in all aspects of plant and soil science. Particular emphasis is placed on learning environmentally sound strategies for controlling common turfgrass pests such as weeds, insects, and diseases. A careful balance of applied and basic sciences with courses in economics, business management, and accounting combined with on-the-job training opportunities will prepare students for an exciting career in the turfgrass/landscape industry.

Career Opportunities: The turfgrass industry in Georgia is estimated at more than one billion dollars. Completion of the turfgrass management major will allow a student the opportunity to pursue a career in golf course, athletic field, park, school, and commercial grounds management. There are many openings in the relatively new chemical lawn care industry as well as with sod production, lawn maintenance, and landscaping firms. Other opportunities include the need for well-trained individuals in the areas of turfgrass seed, chemical, and equipment sales and service. Some graduates have obtained employment in the irrigation design and installation segment of the industry, while others have found challenging careers in university research, private consulting, or with the Cooperative Extension Service. The current and future outlook for job availability is excellent.
of Transfer Students:
Core required is the CAES core. This includes CHEM 1211-1211D, 1211L, BIOL 1107, 1107L or PBIO 1210, 1210L, and speech proficiency. Area VI includes PBIO 1220, 1220L, CHEM 1212-1212D, 1212L, 2100, 2100L, CRSS 2010 or HORT 2000, PHYS 1010.
Scholarships: Numerous opportunities for financial assistance are available. Also, several scholarships are available to students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. For more information, contact the Office of Academic Affairs in the College.
Study Abroad: Agriculture and Ecology in Tropical America - Costa Rica (even-numbered years)
Internships: Numerous internship opportunities are available to provide Turfgrass Management students with training and experience.
Student Organizations: Turf Club (@GATurfClub)
Available Graduate Programs: M.S Program in Turfgrass Management, Turfgrass Physiology, Turfgrass/Environment Interactions at any University

Masters of Crop and Soil Sciences