Biochemical Engineering - B.S.Bch.E.

General Information

Degree & Major: Biochemical Engineering - B.S.Bch.E.
College Name: College of Engineering
Department Name: Chemical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering
Dr. James Warnock
Chair and Professor
School of Chemical, Materials and Biochemical Engineering
(706) 542-0860
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Degree Requirements

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Description: Biochemical Engineering utilizes the governing principles of living systems, properties of biological materials and engineering methodology in the processing of biological materials and in processes using biological agents such as cells, enzymes and antibodies.

The curriculum includes courses in basic sciences, engineering sciences, engineering design, social sciences and the humanities. The curriculum is a 130 credit hour, four-year course of study. The curriculum has 47 hours in Math and the Basic Sciences, 56 hours in the Engineering Sciences and Design and 27 hours in the Social Sciences and Humanities.


Career Opportunities: Students prepare for careers devoted to engineering biochemical processes which will yield useful products. Graduates of this program will apply their knowledge to developing solutions to problems associated with bio-medicine, pharmaceutical, bio-refinery and bio-environmental systems.
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Other Learning Opportunities: Undergraduate certificate programs in Computer Systems Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Coastal and Geographic Engineering are available to B.S.Bch.E. students. These certificates are jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Physics and Astronomy.