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For a list of Pre-Business advisors in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, go to:

The Terry College of Business enrolls only third- and fourth year students by application to its nine majors. All first- and second-year students and all transfer students who want to major in Accounting, Economics*, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Real Estate, Risk Management and Insurance,and International Business co-majors are admitted to the University of Georgia through the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences as Intended Pre-Business majors. Currently enrolled UGA students with a minimum GPA of 2.6 overall, a completed core curriculum, Areas I-VI, and at least 60 credit hours (in progress or completed) may apply for admission to a Terry College major. Students may apply and will be admitted to Terry College majors only in Fall and Spring semesters. The number of students admitted to each of the nine Terry College majors will depend on the quality of the applicant pool and demand for and availability of space in each major. See for selection criteria for Terry College majors, Frequently Asked Questions, and the online application.

Academic advising for Intended-Pre-Business students takes place in 118 Memorial Hall or in Brumby, Creswell, and Russell Halls for students living in those residence halls.

*Economics also is available through a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.