Finance and International Business Co-Major - B.B.A.

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Degree & Major: Finance and International Business Co-Major - B.B.A.
College Name: Terry College of Business
Department Name: Finance
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Description: The undergraduate major in International Business is offered only as a co-major along with any other major within the Terry College. The following paragraphs provide information on the International Business and Finance co-major.

The study of Finance develops an understanding of financial decisions made by corporations and how capital markets work. Students are provided with the skills and knowledge to value cash flows and assets, analyze the financial performance of firms, determine strategies to enhance the value of the firm, and understand financial innovations in domestic and international capital markets.

The program combines coursework in financial management, investment analysis, financial institutions and markets, and international finance to prepare students for positions with major corporations, small business firms, brokerage firms, commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions, accounting and consulting firms, and government agencies.

Students are expected to complete coursework in financial management, investment analysis, and international finance.

A growing number of foreign and U.S. companies transact a significant portion of their business through international channels. More and more businesses must go abroad to find new markets as domestic markets mature. Even those corporations conducting business strictly in this country have to compete with foreign imports and for foreign labor. As a result, major corporations that are taking advantage of international opportunities have a competitive edge.

The Terry College of Business has designed its International Business Program to provide opportunities for students to gain the knowledge and skills required for international business careers. The program also assists students in developing an understanding of the business processes and institutions of the international economy.

The curriculum is designed to develop a deep knowledge of a functional area as well as a strong concentration in a foreign language. In addition to the basic undergraduate business curriculum, international business co-majors are also required to take three of the following seven courses: Diversity in a Global Environment (BUSN 4650), The International Business Environment (ECON 4040), International Finance (FINA 4810), Internship in International Business (INTB 4800), International Legal Transactions for Business (LEGL 4900), International Strategic Management (MGMT 5560), International Marketing (MARK 4700), and Globalization and IT (MIST 5780). In addition to the BBA requirements, all students co-majoring in International Business must satisfy an international immersion requirement, such as a study abroad program, an internship in International Business, or additional foreign languages.

With careful planning, students can complete the co-major within the current 121 hours required for graduation. For further information, go to

Career Opportunities: Management training positions in various non-financial firms as well as financial services firms such as banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, etc.; investment banking, retail brokerage; finance positions in small firms.
Special Requirements: No Finance student is permitted to repeat a major Finance course more than once in order to achieve a grade of C or better, nor is a Finance student permitted to repeat more than two major Finance courses.

Grades of 2.0 in the following are required for B.B.A. degree certification: ENGL 1101 and 1102 combined, major courses, business cumulative GPA, and the UGA cumulative GPA.
Scholarships: Bank of America Scholarship awarded annually.
Internships: Finance students can earn three hours credit by completing an internship with a firm or with a government agency and preparing an in-depth research paper relating to finance. Students are responsible for contacting the firm or agency and setting up the internship, which can be paying or non-paying, and must be at least a 30-hour work week. Students may take one online course while their internship is in progress, but taking any regular courses on campus is strongly discouraged.
Student Organizations: Finance Society:

Student Managed Investment Fund:

Women in Finance:
Available Graduate Programs: PhD, MBA