Interdisciplinary Studies (Griffin Campus) - A.B.

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Degree & Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (Griffin Campus) - A.B.
College Name: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Ms. Faye Chatman
UGA Griffin Campus
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: This is a liberal arts degree with the major course work concentrated in the social sciences. The major consists of 11 upper-division (3000-level and above) courses and offers students two concentrations from which to choose: Psychology and Sociology. In keeping with the program’s interdisciplinary nature, students take their major course work not only in their chosen concentration, but also in other social science disciplines that complement their area of concentration.

Career Opportunities: Opportunities for graduates include a wide variety of careers in business, governmental, and other organizational settings: management, adoption/child care services, health and human services, public relations, human resources, education, law enforcement/corrections, marketing, communications, training, data analysis, etc. The Psychology Concentration also prepares students for graduate programs in counseling, psychology, social work, human resources, etc. The Sociology Concentration also prepares students for post-graduate study in business, law, public administration, criminal justice, and the social sciences.

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of Transfer Students:
Students interested in the Psychology Concentration must have completed PSYC 1101, STAT 2000, and BIOL 1103 and BIOL 1103L or BIOL 1107 and BIOL 1107L with a GPA of 2.50 across these courses and no grade in any of them below a C. Students interested in the Sociology Concentration must have completed SOCI 1101 and STAT 2000 with grades of C or better.