Agribusiness (also offered at Griffin and Tifton) - B.S.A.

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Degree & Major: Agribusiness (also offered at Griffin and Tifton) - B.S.A.
College Name: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Department Name: Agricultural and Applied Economics
Whitney Jones
Academic Advisor
(706) 542-7890
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Description: The agribusiness major prepares students for professional careers in agribusiness marketing, management, and finance. Agribusinesses process and market food and fiber products, supply inputs to agricultural production, and manage agricultural production. Agribusiness majors learn economic principles and strategies for agribusiness marketing and management. Students take courses in agribusiness management, marketing, accounting, economic theory, communications, mathematics, computers, and agriculture. Students learn decision-making skills for agribusiness management, finance, marketing, sales, processing, manufacturing, transportation, and international trade. The agribusiness degree provides career flexibility for students planning to work in private industry or government.

Career Opportunities: The agribusiness program is designed to place students in businesses supplying inputs to agricultural production, processing and transportation, in businesses engaged in food and fiber marketing, and in agencies that service and regulate agribusiness industries. Agribusiness majors also develop skills to manage their own businesses. Agribusiness accounts for 22 percent of the nation's total economic activity. The University of Georgia's agribusiness program plays a major role in meeting the agribusiness education needs of the state, region, and nation.
Scholarships: Several scholarships are available to agribusiness majors through the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department. Information about these scholarships can be obtained from Whitney Jones ( in room 301 Conner Hall.
Study Abroad: Study Abroad courses offered in the department (Mexico, Armenia, or Tanzania) may be used to satisfy major elective requirements. Any other UGA Study Abroad course may only be used to satisfy general elective requirements.
Internships: An internship is an elective for students pursuing the agribusiness major. Dr Forrest Stegelin ( coordinates the internship program for the agribusiness major.
Student Organizations: Agricultural and Environmental Economics Club;
Available Graduate Programs: Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, MBA, Finance, Law School