Human Development and Family Science - B.S.F.C.S.

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Degree & Major: Human Development and Family Science - B.S.F.C.S.
College Name: College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Department Name: Human Development and Family Science
Julie Patterson
Undergraduate Advisor

Ahmaud Templeton
Undergraduate Advisor

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Description: The major in Human Development and Family Science at UGA is designed for students who want a broad understanding of individuals and families across the life span. Students learn about the developmental progression of individuals from the prenatal period to the end of life and focus on the interactions among individuals, families, communities, and society.

Through major coursework, electives and experiential learning, students can prepare for graduate study in the field as well as a wide variety of careers supporting families and improving lives. The major helps students to understand and apply theory and research on human development to practice and policy.

With their knowledge of children, couples, and families, students in HDFS can enter professions such as social work, marriage and family therapy and professional counseling, healthcare, policy-making, or law, just to name a few. Our students provide therapeutic support to families coping with chronic disease or advocate for policies on Capitol Hill. They lead non-profit organizations designed to promote positive youth and family development around the U.S. and abroad, and plenty more. What can you do with a degree in HDFS? The question is, what can’t you do?!

The Association of Child Life Professionals has established the bachelor's degree as a minimal requirement for Child Life certification. Although not required, an advanced degree provides more in-depth knowledge and experience in Child Life. We currently offer two degree programs in Child Life that require an application for admittance: a two-year" target="blank">Child Life M.S. and a five-year" target="blank">Double Dawgs program, which combines Human Development and Family Science (B.S.F.C.S.) and Child Life (M.S.). The Double Dawgs program includes a full year of clinical experience and coursework at Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta, GA.

Career Opportunities: Students who complete our major change the discipline. They are employed in colleges and universities, hospitals, government agencies, research institutes, and in mental health settings.
of Transfer Students:
Students transferring into this major should have fulfilled the core curriculum requirement and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Those students who have an interest in Human Development and Family Science should check with the Department of Human Development and Family Science to determine the actual requirements for entry into these programs. Lacking the basic preparatory courses will add to the time needed to complete the degree in all programs.

Scholarships: FACS Scholarship information can be found at
Internships: All HDFS majors have the option to complete an internship (community, research, or Legislative Aide), and the internship must provide you with an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have gained in this department. More specifically, you must be able to apply these departmental objectives during your applied learning experience:
  • Students will integrate and apply theory, research, and ethical practices to the understanding of human development and family processes.
  • Students will demonstrate and disseminate knowledge about social, cognitive, psychological, physiological, and emotional development as it relates to optimal individual and family functioning throughout the lifespan.
  • Students will critically and scientifically identify and evaluate the interconnected systems that impact the changing social environment in which individuals and families are embedded.

The faculty members who work with internships are Dr. Melissa Scott Kozak,, Dr. Jennifer George,, and Dr. Jennifer Gonyea,
Student Organizations: HDFS Student Association
FACS Student Organizations Information can be found at

Available Graduate Programs: Double Dawgs Programs
Human Development and Family Science, BSFCS/ M.A. in Teaching with an emphasis in special education, birth through kindergarten (non-thesis)
Human Development and Family Science, BSFCS/M.S. in HDFS (thesis)
Human Development and Family Science, BSFCS/M.S. in HDFS (non-thesis)

Programs" target="blank">Ph.D." target="blank">Ph.D. Marriage and Family Therapy Emphasis" target="blank">M.S. Child Life

Certificates" target="blank">Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy" target="blank">Quantitative Methods in Family Science

Any institutions with the following programs:
Allied Health Fields (Physical/Occupational Therapy, Physician's Assistant, Nursing)
Certification-based programs in Education
Child and Family Development
Educational Psychology
Health Promotion and Behavior
Human Development and Family Science
Marriage and Family Therapy
Recreation and Leisure
Social Work