Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies - A.B.

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Degree & Major: Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies - A.B.
College Name: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Department Name: Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies
Ari Lieberman
Undergraduate Advisor
(706) 542-6649

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Description: Comparative Literature is the study of common features in the literatures of more than one culture. It can focus on a genre, a period or a theme, or it can focus very broadly on the materials of literature itself—structure, rhetoric or language. We live today in a global society where languages, literatures and cultures intersect and interbreed, and that is why it is important to broaden our scope, to see the world. We offer courses in the literature and culture of Europe and America, of China, Japan and Korea, and of East and West Africa. In comparative literature classes, you will read works in translation.

This major is perfect for anyone who enjoys reading and analyzing literature, but especially for students who are curious about other languages and cultures, or interested in global studies and international relations. Here you will study literature from all parts of the globe. Studying Comparative Literature is a great way to explore literary options beyond the English-speaking world. The major works especially well if you are also studying a foreign language: a lot of the classes will double-count, and you will be able to study foreign literature in its original languages.

Career Opportunities: Opportunities for graduates include graduate study, education, foreign service, and international business.
of Transfer Students:
The prerequisites to early courses in the major are stated in the Area VI requirements for the major.

Preparation for the Major:
Literature, Foreign Language, History
Available Graduate Programs: Comparative Literature, African Studies, Asian Studies, Education, International Business, Law School.