Economics - B.B.A.

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Degree & Major: Economics - B.B.A.
College Name: Terry College of Business
Department Name: Economics
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University-wide Requirements

Description: Economics is the study of resource allocation by individuals, business enterprises, and nations. A social science, it forms the foundation for understanding the various business disciplines. Its study combines analytical, empirical, and historical methods to reveal how an economy functions. This department offers a wide range of courses providing students with both breadth and depth in the subject. Economics gives a valuable preparation for careers in corporate, governmental, and consulting positions within the United States and internationally. It is an excellent major for those planning to attend law school; those contemplating an MBA degree will find that such programs consider economics majors highly desirable applicants. The field also prepares students for work in public administration, international business, and financial analysis.

Career Opportunities: Economics majors find employment in a variety of public and private sector positions. Economics majors are also well-prepared for graduate, law, or business school programs. Those who study economics at the University of Georgia combine a broad general education with training in analytical methods and economic institutions.
Study Abroad: Kenya Study Abroad Program; UGA at Oxford Study Abroad Program; UGA Study Abroad in Verona, Italy; Terry faculty-led Study Abroad programs.
Internships: While there is no internship requirement, students are encouraged to complete an internship before graduation and may receive elective course credit.
Student Organizations: Economics Society
Contact person: Dr. Thomas McGahee, faculty advisor
Available Graduate Programs: MBA
Law School
MA or PhD in Economics