Exercise and Sport Science - B.S.Ed.

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Degree & Major: Exercise and Sport Science - B.S.Ed.
College Name: Mary Frances Early College of Education
Department Name: Kinesiology
Ramsey Center
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: The undergraduate major in Exercise and Sport Science is designed to provide students an in-depth exposure to the scientific basis of physical activity, exercise and sport. Knowledge and skills related to exercise and sport biomechanics, physiology, psychology, epidemiology, physical fitness and conditioning, measurement theory, and other associated areas are obtained through prescribed and elective course work, independent study, and laboratory and field experience. All majors take 60 semester hours of liberal arts education (University Core), including science, mathematics, social science, and humanities, and 27 semester hours of major core courses, including exercise physiology, scientific principles of conditioning and fitness, biomechanics, exercise and sport psychology, measurement, and exercise epidemiology. Major required classes also include 3 semester hours of experiential learning courses selected from a variety of practicums, internships, and research experiences. Finally, 9-10 semester hours of major courses are required that can be selected from various designated courses that span topics such as sports medicine, aging, and measurement. An additional 15 semester hours of elective course work are also required with selection being based on individual academic interests and career goals. Recommendations for elective course work are available for the following six program options: Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Medicine Physician's Assistant, Fitness Specialist, and Pre-Graduate Study in Exercise Science.

Career Opportunities: The major prepares students for a variety of possible careers in allied health occupations, fitness and sport enterprises, education, sport science and coaching, or business and industry. With a B.S.Ed. degree, positions can be obtained as exercise and sport science specialists in various settings (e.g., corporation, hospital, sport medicine clinic, YMCA, community recreation, government, military, sport team). Many graduates pursue allied health professional degrees (e.g., sports medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, or other medical specialties) or additional graduate training in specialized areas of exercise science (e.g., fitness/wellness, exercise rehabilitation, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, and biomechanics). Following advanced study and/or certification, positions may be obtained as physical therapists, athletic trainers, sports medicine physicians, higher-level exercise specialists or directors of exercise rehabilitation or fitness/wellness programs in hospital, corporate, YMCA, and community settings, and/or as exercise scientists (teaching and/or research) in higher education, government, or industry.
of Transfer Students:
Students transferring to this major must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.75 and must apply with the following course work completed or in progress: CHEM 1211-1211D, 1211L; CHEM 1212-1212D, 1212L; CBIO 2200-2200L, 2210-2210L; PHYS 1111-1111L; and KINS 2010.
Special Requirements: Required courses and major electives must be taken in residence and graded C (2.0) or above to count for graduation.
Scholarships: Scholarships are available from the Department of Kinesiology and the College of Education. See: http://coe.uga.edu/experience/financial-aid/list/bsed/exercise-sport-science
Internships: Internship opportunities in physical therapy, athletic training, fitness/wellness, or exercise rehabilitation are available with corporations, hospitals, clinics, commercial fitness facilities, or community programs in the state of Georgia and nationally.
Student Organizations: See http://coe.uga.edu/academics/degrees/bsed/exercise-sport-science
Available Graduate Programs: Master’s and Doctoral programs in Kinesiology are available at UGA in the following:
Athletic Training
Exercise Physiology
Exercise Psychology
Clinical Exercise Physiology
Strength, Conditioning and Fitness