Financial Planning - B.S.F.C.S.

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Degree & Major: Financial Planning - B.S.F.C.S.
College Name: College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Department Name: Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics
Christie Sanders
Academic Advisor
(706) 542-4847

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Description: The mission of the Financial Planning Program is to prepare students for successful careers in the financial planning profession. Financial planning plays a critical role in the lives of individuals and families. Financial planners help increase the financial literacy and capacity of their clients. There is an increasing demand for financial planning professionals who can help individuals and families manage their finances better and achieve their financial goals. Courses in the curriculum are rigorous and meet the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards education requirements. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take the CFP Certification Examination. Students must pass the CFP Certification Examination and satisfy other certification requirements before receiving the CFP marks. Students in the program study a variety of topics, including credit and debt management, income tax planning, savings and investments, risk management and insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, financial counseling, and consumer decision making.

Career Opportunities: The financial planning degree program helps students become professional financial planners. Financial planning has been consistently recognized as one of the best careers in America. The profession is growing. The number of jobs available for qualified individuals is at an all-time high. Most graduates work in small to mid-size firms helping families achieve financial goals. While enrolled in the program, students have opportunities to write targeted and comprehensive financial plans, work in the field during internships, and participate in experiential learning activities. Graduates from the program are eligible to sit for the national Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam upon graduation. This credential provides students with opportunities to obtain positions at a variety of regional and national financial planning firms. After graduation students will also be able to start their own financial planning practices. Other career opportunities for students include positions with retirement planning firms, consumer credit counseling services, banks, insurance companies, human resources departments, and the government. The degree also provides a launching point for those interested in earning an advanced graduate degree.
Scholarships: FACS Scholarship information can be found at
Study Abroad: London Study Abroad Program; FACS Greece Study Abroad; UGA Cortona Study Abroad; Study Tour in Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics; UGA at Oxford Study Abroad Program
Internships: Faculty work with students to arrange internships that meet students' needs. Students must take FHCE 5900 before applying for an internship and will learn more details about arranging an internship in that course.
Service Learning: Service learning opportunities are available in several upper-division FHCE courses. Faculty will also work with students to design individual projects.
Student Organizations: Student Financial Planning Association
Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
FACS Student Organizations Information can be found at