Fashion Merchandising - B.S.F.C.S.

General Information

Degree & Major: Fashion Merchandising - B.S.F.C.S.
College Name: College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Department Name: Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors
Olivia Arnold
Academic Advisor

Angela Romero-Smith
Academic Advisor
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: The Fashion Merchandising major is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of merchandising related to the apparel and textile industries. The program emphasizes the skills and competencies needed for careers in fashion promotion, buying, retailing, merchandising, and global supply chain management. Students will also learn that fashion is not simply a business, but a cultural industry. Students choose between two emphases. In the Product Development and Design Emphasis, students learn that inspiration and design concepts drive the creation of garments, along with identifying the target market. Skills emphasized in the curriculum include creativity, digital presentation and portfolio, patternmaking, draping and sewing, among others. The Fashion Brand Management Emphasis provides expertise in both creative and analytical aspects. The curriculum puts special emphasis on entrepreneurship, fashion promotion and visual merchandising, retail buying and planning, as well as global sourcing and retailing.

Career Opportunities: Graduating students have exciting employment opportunities as buyers, merchandisers, brand sales representatives, store managers, fashion directors, merchandise managers, product managers, and trend forecasters, as well as opportunities in product development and design, technical design, and sourcing.
of Transfer Students:
Students transferring into the Fashion Merchandising major should have fulfilled the core curriculum requirements, including elementary chemistry or physical science or biology, statistics, micro or macroeconomics, and psychology or sociology.
Scholarships: Several scholarships are available through the College of Family and Consumer Sciences scholarship programs.
FACS Scholarship information can be found at
Study Abroad: London Study Abroad Program
Interdisciplinary Ghana Study Abroad Program
New York Study Tour
Internships: Internships in the fashion industry are an optional part of the Fashion Merchandising curriculum. Students intern with retailers, manufacturers, showrooms, fashion brands, and designers in a variety of positions: management, buying, visual promotions, and product development. Internships for course credit are offered during the summer semester.
Student Organizations: The Student Merchandising Association provides networking, leadership, and social opportunities for students interested in the fashion industry.

Rouge Magazine Association. Rouge Magazine produces a fashion magazine that strives to provide readers with a guide to trends, local fashion treasures, and current events in the fashion industry.

The Members of the Fashion Design Student Association (FDSA) have a passion for design; this organization provides students with the opportunity to showcase their own apparel designs in student-produced fashion shows.

The Agency is the University of Georgia's first and only in-house modeling agency operated by University of Georgia students. The Agency specializes in bookings, castings, and the exposure of local models in today's ever-expanding fashion industry.

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Available Graduate Programs: M.S. in Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors with the option to choose an emphasis from one of the following:
  • Polymer, Fiber and Textile Science
  • Merchandising and International Trade
  • Historic and Cultural Aspects of Dress and Textiles
  • Interior Environments

M.S. Non-Thesis Option in Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Ph.D. in Polymer, Fiber, and Textile Sciences. There is also an option for an emphasis in International Merchandising.