Film Studies - A.B.

General Information

Degree & Major: Film Studies - A.B.
College Name: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Department Name: Theatre and Film Studies
Dr. Richard Neupert
Coordinator, Film Studies
262B Fine Arts Building
(706) 542-2836

Dina Canup
Academic Advisor II
Student Support and Outreach Coordinator
302 Fine Arts Building
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: Students majoring in Film Studies take courses that provide a solid training in the critical act of interpretation, film theory, and the historical context of cinema's economic, cultural, and technological development. This program centers on film history, criticism, and theory. There are opportunities for practical aspects of scriptwriting and directing, but this is not a film production degree. Students interested in filmmaking should pursue a dual degree in Franklin College's Film Studies major and Grady College's Telecommunications major.

Career Opportunities: The concentration on history, criticism, and practice prepares students to pursue Film Studies in graduate school, to move into new digital media, to help critique and generate the images and sounds that shape our culture, or to combine other areas of interest, such as education, with cinema studies.
of Transfer Students:
Film Studies prefers that students who plan to transfer into the major finish the general core curriculum requirements in order to focus on major course requirements as juniors and seniors.