History - A.B.

General Information

Degree & Major: History - A.B.
College Name: Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Department Name: History
Dr. Stephen Mihm
Undergraduate Coordinator
(706) 542-2053
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of history and culture from ancient to modern times.

Career Opportunities: Students who decide to major in history embark upon a course of study that promises both academic and professional rewards. A sound component of a liberal education, history also serves practical needs, providing a solid background for careers in law, journalism, government service, and history preservation. The history major also meets an important need of the business world by providing general training in analysis and writing. For those who choose to teach history or social studies in secondary schools, the history major provides the necessary subject matter. Finally, the history major prepares the student not only for graduate work in history, but also for other professional careers which call for a satisfactory acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the study of the past.
of Transfer Students:
In addition to the approved entrance requirements, it is recommended (but not required) that students take a preparatory research writing course such as UNIV 2201 Introduction to the Research Paper (prerequisite: ENGL 1102). This course covers the basics of writing the academic research paper, and offers valuable preparation for students majoring in history, a writing-intensive major.

Expectations of Transfer Students and Students in this Major
At least 18 semester hours of upper-division course work must be taken in residence at the University of Georgia, excluding resident and non-resident distance learning courses.
Special Requirements: At least 15 hours of electives for this major must be in courses numbered 3000 or above and 18-19 hours in courses at any level. A grade of "C" (2.0) or better must be achieved in all upper-division courses applied to this major.
Scholarships: The Department of History makes several annual awards, including an award for the Outstanding Fourth-year Paper (Alf Andrew Heggoy Award); an award to the outstanding third-year student who has demonstrated excellence in history and who has an interest in Georgia history (Joe Brown Connolly Award); and a scholarship to an outstanding third-year history major (Phyllis Jenkins Barrow scholarship), and several Study Abroad scholarships.
Study Abroad: Public History Summer Internship program in Washington, D.C., UGA at Oxford, UGA à Paris, and others.
Internships: Periodically information is made available to our majors concerning internships appropriate to history majors. Any internships or student jobs appropriate for history majors are advertised in the main office, 220 LeConte Hall, and on the Internet. In the recent past, advertised internships have included those with UGA Press, the Public History Summer Internship program in Washington, D.C., the State of Georgia, the Gwinnett History museum, and several historic sites. See our home page (http://www.history.uga.edu) for more information.
Cooperative Education: Cooperative education programs are sometimes available through state and government agencies. Students should contact the University of Georgia's Career Center (http://www.career.uga.edu) for more information. Students do not receive history credit but do gain valuable work experience. Cooperative education programs sometimes lead to career employment.
Available Graduate Programs: The A.B. in History prepares students for a multitude of graduate programs, including the M.A. and Ph.D. in History, and other humanities fields. The A.B. in History is also used as preparation for law and public policy degree programs.