Honors Interdisciplinary Studies - B.S.A.

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Degree & Major: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies - B.S.A.
College Name: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Josef M. Broder
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(706) 542-1611
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Degree Requirements

College-wide Requirements

University-wide Requirements

Description: Students may major in honors interdisciplinary studies under the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree. The major is administered by the College through the University Honors Program and is open only to Honors students enrolled in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Students may pursue the honors interdisciplinary studies major in any academic department within the College. The major is available to Honors students who seek an interdisciplinary, cohesive program of study not allowed under existing disciplinary majors.

An honors interdisciplinary studies major is designed to allow an Honors student to build an integrated program in a coherently defined interdisciplinary combination of courses. The definition of area may be applied as a chronological, geographical, subject matter, or any other logical and cohesive program of study.

Career Opportunities: Students may develop their own degree program to prepare for careers as consultants, business owners, engineers, environmental protection agents, graduate students, bankers, farmers, teachers, or any other profession in agricultural and environmental sciences.
Special Requirements: Students may complete an Honors Thesis.
Scholarships: Several scholarships are available to students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. For more information, contact the Office of Academic Affairs in the College.
Internships: Internships are available but not required.