Semester Environmental Literacy Requirement

Approved by University Council of the University of Georgia on March 17, 1998

The Environmental Literacy Requirement subcommittee was charged with review of the Environmental Literacy Requirement due to concern over the number of hours required and the overall effectiveness of the requirement. The Full Committee approved the following proposal from the subcommittee which has been forwarded to the Executive Committee of Council for consideration:
  1. The Full University Curriculum Committee recommends an external review of the Environmental Literacy Requirement.

  2. The Committee also recommends that the University, until the advice of the external review can be considered, limit the criteria for Environmental Literacy to the following:

    1. Basic scientific principles which govern natural systems.
    2. The consequences of human activity on local, regional, and global natural systems.

    This will begin fall of 1998 and remain in place until the results of the external review can be implemented.

  3. Each college/school will be invited to submit a list of semester courses that satisfy the above criteria. The University Curriculum Committee will approve the courses satisfying the requirement. Only one course will be necessary to satisfy the requirement.

  4. No current student will be disadvantaged by the change in the Environmental Literacy Requirement. Student currently enrolled will be allowed to satisfy the requirement under the existing or new requirement. Any student who has satisfied the Environmental Literacy Requirement for any school or college of the University shall receive credit for fulfillment of the Environmental Literacy Requirement.