Classification of Students

In the undergraduate schools and colleges, students will be classified according to the number of academic hours they have earned.

Classification Hours Earned
First-year Less than 30 hours
Second-year At least 30 hours
Third-year At least 60 hours
Fourth-year At least 90 hours

Junior Division and Senior Division

Some of the undergraduate schools and colleges further classify their students as junior division students or senior division students. In general, a junior division student is a first- or second-year student; a senior division student is a third- or fourth-year student who has completed at least 60 semester hours.

Law or honors students may enroll in graduate courses with the approval of their advisor, the course instructor, the graduate coordinator of the department in which the course is offered, and the Graduate Dean. Approval must be secured prior to registering for the course. Appropriate applications are available in the Honors Office and in the Law School.