Withdrawal from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from the University after the last day of the designated drop/add period for a term (or the last day of drop/add for the related summer session), but before the designated withdrawal deadline, should do so through Athena. As with individual course withdrawals, a grade of W must be assigned for University withdrawals initiated after the drop/add period. Students who withdraw from all classes within a specified period of time may be eligible for a refund based upon the date of withdrawal. For further information, please refer to the Financial Information section of this Bulletin.

Veterans and dependents of veterans who receive educational benefits must notify the Veterans Education Benefits Area in the Office of the Registrar of any course load reductions.

A student against whom disciplinary charges are pending will not be permitted to withdraw from the University with a clear record until such charges shall have been resolved.

In general, a student voluntarily withdrawing may return later if scholastically eligible.