List of Approved Courses that Satisfy the Environmental Literacy Requirement beginning Fall 1993

ADSC 2010, ADSC 2010LIntroductory Animal and Dairy Science, Introductory Animal and Dairy Science Laboratory
ADSC 4010Issues in Animal Agriculture
ANTH 1102Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 4070/6070Cultural Ecology
ANTH 4790/6790Human Adaptation
APTC 3060Soil and Water Resource Conservation
BIOL 1103Basic Concepts in Biology
BIOL 1104Organismal Biology
BIOL 1107-1107LPrinciples of Biology I
BIOL 1108-1108LPrinciples of Biology II
CHEM 1110, CHEM 1110LElementary Chemistry, Elementary Chemistry Laboratory
CMLT 3210Ecocriticism
COMM 3320Environmental Communication
CRSS(WASR) 1020Introduction to Water Resources
CRSS 2010-2010LCrop Science
CRSS(APTC) 3050-3050LIntroduction to water Quality
CRSS(FANR) 3060Soils and Hydrology
CRSS 4340/6340, CRSS 4340L/6340L Weed Science, Weed Science Laboratory
CRSS(HORT) 4400/6400Agro-Ecology
CRSS(HORT)(ECOL) 4590/6590Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
CRSS 4670/6670Environmental Soil Chemistry
ECOL 1000Ecological Basis of Environmental Issues
ECOL 3070Environment and Humans
ECOL(BIOL) 3500-3500LEcology
ECOL 3505H-3505LEcology (Honors)
ECOL(BIOL) 4150/6150-4150L/6150LPopulation Biology of Infectious Diseases
ECON 2100Economics of Environmental Quality
EETH(AESC) 4190/6190Agricultural Ethics
EETH 4200/6200Environmental Concepts
EHSC 3060Introduction to Environmental Health Science
EHSC 4490/6490Environmental Toxicology
ENTO 3740-3740LInsect Pest Management
ENTO(CRSS)(PATH) 4250/6250Pesticide and Transgenic Crops
ENTO(CRSS)(PATH) 4740/6740-4740L/6740LIntegrated Pest Management
ENVM 3060Principles of Resource Economics
ENVM 4650/6650Environmental Economics
ENVM 4800/6800Water Resource Economics and Management
ENVM(AAEC) 4930/6930Environmental Law and Governmental Regulation
ESOC 5010/7010Teaching of Geography
FANR(MARS) 1100Natural Resources Conservation
FANR(ECOL) 1200Natural History of Georgia
FANR(GEOG) 2200International Issues in Natural Resources and Conservation
FANR 3200Ecology of Natural Resources
FANR(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG)(INTL)(RLST) 4271/6271Field Studies in Natural Resources
FCID 3000Science and Human Values: How Things Are and Which Things Matter
GENE(BIOL) 3000Evolutionary Biology
GEOG 1101Human Geography: People, Places, and Cultures
GEOG 1111Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 1112Introduction to Weather and Climate
GEOG 1113Introduction to Landforms
GEOG 1125Resources, Society, and the Environment
GEOG 2250H-2250DResources, Society, and the Environment (Honors)
GEOG 3210Biogeography
GEOG(PBIO) 4220/6220Ecological Biogeography
GEOG 4810/6810Conservation Ecology and Resource Management
GEOL 1121Earth Processes and Environments
GEOL 1122Earth's History of Global Change
GEOL 1250-1250LPhysical Geology
GEOL 1260-1260LHistorical Geology
GEOL 2120Introduction to Environmental Geology
GEOL 2350HPhysical Geology (Honors)
GEOL 2360HHistorical Geology (Honors)
GEOL 3030 Elementary Oceanography
GEOL 3120-3120LGeological Hazards
GEOL 3150Coastal Processes and Conservation
GEOL 3250Earth Resources and the Environment
GEOL 3300Paleobiotas
GEOL 4220/6220Hydrogeology
GEOL 4330/6330Geology of North America
GEOL 4520/6520Paleoecology
GEOL(ANTH) 4700/6700Archaeological Geology
GEOL 4750/6750Earth Sciences for Middle School Teachers
HONS(BIOL)(CHEM)(GEOL)(PHYS) 2080HHonors Science
HORT 2000Horticultural Science
HORT 4890/6890Biodiversity and the World's Food Crops
HORT 4990/6990Environmental Issues in Horticulture
LAND 1500Design and the Environment
MARS 1010-1010LThe Marine Environment
MARS 1011Introduction to the Marine Environment
MARS 1020-1020LBiology of the Marine Environment
PATH(ANTH)(PBIO) 3010Fungi: Friends and Foes
PATH 3530-3530LIntroductory Plant Pathology
PBIO(BIOL) 1210Principles of Plant Biology
PBIO(BIOL) 1220Organismal Plant Biology
PBIO 3650Natural History of Georgia Plants
PHIL(EETH) 4220/6220Environmental Ethics
POUL 4330/6330Basic Mycotoxicology
RLST(NRRT) 3310Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Awareness
RLST 4840Environmental and Cultural Interpretation
SOCI 3400Environmental Sociology